About Me

My name is Louise Johnson and I am the founder of Ambient Health and Nutrition.

My own personal experiences led me to specialise in digestive, skin and sleep health and I am passionate about helping people to create a pain and discomfort free life on their terms.

I have suffered with rosacea all of my adult life and at times have felt unable to even go out as no matter what I did or how much make up I wore I could never hide it. I saw doctors and consultants and their answers were it was something I would have to live with and handing me antibiotic prescriptions (I now know that neither of those things were right!). I would suffer hot flushes at least 2 or 3 times a day which would leave my face red and uncomfortable for hours after and would aggravate spots on my face.

Again for most of my adult life I have suffered with uncomfortable digestive issues which at times would leave me unable to do up my trousers when I left a friends house or a restaurant! Very embarrassing!

Insomnia is something I thought I just had to put up with and I learnt how to just about get by on hardly any sleep. From about the age of 10 years old I would regularly have between 4 and 5 hours sleep a night. I would find it hard to fall to sleep and when I did I would often be awake again within the hour.